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Fototonic didn’t just spring up out of nowhere.  Building on her skills as a software trainer in the world of business and her passion for photography, Tricia Kennedy launched a photography workshop business in early 2011.  Her workshops and tours were listed on the Jersey Island Photography website and ran about once a month, usually over a long weekend.  As well as enticing people to travel to Jersey to enjoy a photography workshop on the island, Tricia often taught local workshops and one-to-one private photography tuition days.

In 2014, with many more enquiries coming in and seeing the huge interest in photography, Tricia brought Andy Habin into the business and together they decided to expand the photography tours to Jersey, Guernsey and Sark and Northern France.  Both Andy and Tricia know the Channel Islands very well - Andy was born in Jersey and grew up on the island and Tricia has lived in Jersey for more years than she cares to remember.  They each have inside knowledge of the best locations and a wealth of photography knowledge and teaching experience.  

Andy will be leading most of the group workshops and Tricia will join him as a co-leader on some of the tours while continuing to teach one-to-one.  They needed a business name that wasn’t linked solely to Jersey and, after many brainstorming sessions, Fototonic was born.

Fototonic now offers a variety of photography workshops and tours for people wishing to join us for a photography adventure in the Channel Islands or in Brittany and for Jersey locals wishing to improve their photography.  All of our tours and workshops have been thoroughly researched for location, tide times, best shooting angles and for all of the things you would expect on a photography tour.  We like to ensure that you finish the workshop or tour with a set of photography skills you can use again and again and, of course, capture some winning images to take home.

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Our Tutors

Andy Habin

Andy Habin As a professional landscape photographer, I can often be found in remote locations in all kinds of weather using skills I learnt working for adventure sports companies and in the military. I’ve spent years learning and refining my craft and I use the most up-to-date techniques that take full advantage of the latest camera equipment and processing software....

Tricia Kennedy, ARPS

Tricia Kennedy, ARPS From a very early age I was influenced by photography probably without even realising it.  I grew up surrounded by cameras, lenses, slides & projectors.  I also loved photographing my children growing up but, of course, that was in the days of film.  An impulse buy of an early digital compact camera opened my eyes to the...