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Tricia Kennedy, ARPS

From a very early age I was influenced by photography probably without even realising it.  I grew up surrounded by cameras, lenses, slides & projectors.  I also loved photographing my children growing up but, of course, that was in the days of film.  An impulse buy of an early digital compact camera opened my eyes to the possibilities of digital photography.  From then on I had a huge thirst for knowledge on how to master the technicalities of digital SLRs and photo editing techniques.  Largely self-taught apart from an AS level in photography in 2006, I’ve continued to update my knowledge while also continually updating my cameras and lenses.  I was awarded the Associateship of the Royal Photographic Society in 2011 for my print portfolio of monochrome images depicting the interaction of land and water.  My work has been published in calendars and books and I was honoured to have an image chosen for inclusion in the Royal Photographic Society's prestigious book, Portfolio TWO, published in September 2010.  I’m a photography judge accredited by the Southern Photographic Federation and I’ve worked as a visiting lecturer in photography at Highlands College in Jersey.

Building on my skills as a software trainer in the world of business and my passion for photography, I started teaching photography part-time in 2009 and then in early 2011 I took the plunge and launched my photography workshop business in Jersey.  The photography workshops and tours were offered on my website, JerseyIslandPhotography, which now, of course, has become Fototonic.  I’m told that my enthusiasm for photography is infectious and I very much enjoy teaching and sharing my knowledge.  I will be co-leading some of the workshops and tours and continuing to teach one-to-one.

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Tricia Kennedy, ARPS

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